Stem Cell Injection Procedure

Your stem cell injection procedure happens during a single day and takes 1-2 hours. We’ll be collecting, minimally processing, and injecting stem cells.
Here is what you should expect:

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    When you first enter the clinic, we will have you fill out several tracking questionnaires. These questionnaires help us track your progress over the next several months as your recover from the stem cell injection. You will then be taken back to a prep room and allowed to change into a gown for the procedure. We will discuss the procedure specifics and go over consent forms.

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    Stem Cell Collection

    After preparation, you’ll be brought back to the procedure room. You’ll be here until the procedure is completed. Depending upon your procedure, we may be collecting blood, adipose tissue (fat), or bone marrow from your own body. If we’re using a preprocessed product, that will be prepared at this time. We will use image guidance (fluoroscopy) to collect bone marrow, as this ensures that we’re accessing the bone in an efficient and safe manner. The collection process takes the majority of the time, up to an hour.

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    The blood, adipose tissue (fat), and bone marrow will go through a centrifuge prior to injection. This minimal processing step removes the excess material from the blood, adipose tissue, and bone marrow. By doing this, we ensure a pure and effective product with the highest possible number of stem cells. The processed stem cells will be loaded into syringes for the stem cell injection. The processing is done at the same time as the stem cell collection. Once the collection is complete, only about 15 minutes will elapse before the injection is performed.

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    Once the processing is complete, the remaining stem cell material will loaded into syringes for the stem cell injection. Each stem cell product is injected separately into the joint or area of complaint. The injection is the fastest part of the procedure, only taking a few minutes.

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    After the procedure is completed you’ll have time to rest and recover prior to discharge. Some people feel lightheaded for a short time after the procedure. You’ll be able to lay down, have water and a snack, and take your time getting ready to leave the clinic. Many of our patients have another person available to give them a ride home, but this is not necessary for most procedures.