Stem Cell Procedure Recovery

The stem cell injection is only part of our recipe for success. For optimal stem cell procedure recovery, we have created a rehabilitation program that increase success and improves your outcomes. We expect it will take up to six months to see the full benefit of a stem cell injection. Many patients receive quick benefit, while others have slow but steady improvement. Here is what you should expect about our stem cell recovery program:

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    Follow Up Visits

    We will see you for several follow up visits in order to keep up with your progress. The first visit is important, as it will be time for us to take out any stitches placed during the procedure. We will check for infection and make sure the incisions and injection site are healing properly. During all of these visits you will see one of our practitioners for a mini examination and discussion to evaluate your progress. We will have you fill out questionnaires that give us a good idea of the trajectory of your improvement. Visits are typically at 1 week, 4 weeks, 2 months, 4 months, and 6 months.

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    We have found that taking specific nutritional supplements after a stem cell injection can assist in the recovery of our patients. These supplements improve stem cell activity, assist in connective tissue/cartilage development, and decrease inflammation. We recommend at least one month of supplementation following the stem cell injection. Many of our patients take these supplements for the six month recovery process.

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    Physical Therapy

    Improving physical function is necessary for many of our patients. Proper physical movement and exercises have been shown to improve stem cell effectiveness. We have a network of physical therapy practices that we frequently draw from for patient rehabilitation. We will find a physical therapist that is conveniently located for you.

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    We often refer our patients to acupuncturists following injections. The continued maintenance of the injured area is important to get the most out of your procedure. We have found that acupuncturists, with the use of needles and herbs, are great at decreasing inflammation.

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    Program Completion

    We will have certain milestones and goals that we will accomplish after the stem cell injection is complete. The questionnaires you will fill out on each visit, along with your experience of symptom improvement, will help us to accurately track your improvements. After we have reached these goals, no further management is required! If we do not hit the goals we are expecting, discussion of follow up procedures or referrals will occur.