Physical Evaluation

Once you know you’re a candidate for stem cell therapy, the next step is visiting with our physician for a physical evaluation. During this visit we will verify that you fully qualify for a stem cell procedure. If you do qualify, we will finalize the financial arrangement for the procedure. Here’s what to expect:

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    Focused Physical Evaluation

    We will evaluate the integrity of the area of your complaint. It is critical for us to understand exactly what is causing the problem. Many areas of the body will be in pain for different reasons. A knee may be in pain before of arthritis or a torn meniscus. A low back may have a disc bulge or facet joint inflammation. If we don’t know what’s exactly causing the problem, stem cell therapy will be less effective. Click here for more information on common problems seen at Rocky Mountain Pain Specialists.

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    Imaging Review

    MRI and X Ray imaging can give us a greater understanding of the injury or degeneration. Sometimes both types of imaging are needed. MRI imaging is great for viewing soft tissue, muscles, and ligaments. X Ray is best for view changes in bone, like arthritis. If we can visualize the specific problem, we can be more certain that we’re performing stem cell therapy in the right location.

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    Financial Discussion

    Once we verify that you fully qualify for a stem cell procedure, you’ll sit down with our staff and discuss the plan and financial outlook. During the physical evaluation and imaging review, we will be able to better determine which type of stem cell therapy is most appropriate in your situation. We will give you a financial quote for that type of stem cell therapy for your specific procedure needs.