Free Consultations for Stem Cell Therapy

The first step in your journey towards healing with stem cells begins with a free consultation with one of our physicians.
Here’s what you’ll cover:

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    Am I a candidate?

    Not everyone is eligible for stem cell therapy. Before we go any further, we’ll make sure you’re a candidate. We’ll ask you about the location and nature of your pain, along with other therapies you’ve performed. People with knee, hip, or shoulder complaints are almost always candidates for our stem cell therapy.

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    What procedure is best for me?

    We have a variety of stem cell therapy options. We’ll create a plan that is suited to your specific problem. Based on our experience, we’ll give you our best recommendation for the type of joint pain you’re experiencing. Click here to see the different options we offer for stem cell therapy.

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    What can I expect from this therapy?

    We’ll discuss the nature of the procedures and the follow up care. Our procedures are all performed in a single day. We’ll extract stem cells from your body, minimally process the stem cells to prepare for injection, and inject the stem cells into your area of complaint. Click here for more information.