Why Choose Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cells the most innovative and cutting edge way to get rid of pain and immobility.
See for yourself why people just like you are using stem cell therapy!

Stem cells are great at relieving chronic pain.

Get Rid of Pain

Pain is caused by degeneration, immobility, and inflammation. Stem cells address these key issues directly. Decrease your pain naturally and effectively through our stem cell therapy program.

Enjoy the life you deserve with stem cells and stem cell therapy!

Natural Healing

Stem cells are the natural building blocks of the human body. We take your own stem cells and use them at the source of pain or injury. An injection of stem cells supercharges the body’s healing response.

Stem cells let you do the activities you love.

Do What You Love

Pain and immobility will cause you to miss out on activities you enjoy. Don’t let another day go by being less than your best. Our stem cell therapy program will get you back to doing what you love!

Our Program Outline

Our program has been specially designed to optimize the healing potential of your own body.
Stem cells, in combination with nutritional support and proper physical activity, will give you the best opportunity to live the life you deserve!

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    Free Consultation

    Spend time talking with one of our physicians to see if you’re a candidate for stem cell therapy.
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    Physical Evaluation

    After doing a physical examination and reviewing MRI/X-ray imaging, we will verify that our stem cell program is right for you.
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    Treatment Procedure

    Procedures last about two hours. During this time we will collect, process, and inject stem cells into your area of concern.
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    Our program includes supplements and physical therapy, as these are important ways to promote stem cell growth and natural healing.
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Learn More About Stem Cell Therapy

Types of Stem Cells

We take advantage of several sources of stem cells and regenerative products for our stem cell therapy program. Learn more about the specifics of each source.

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Stem Cell Research

Stem cell therapy is a quickly growing field. We collect new and relevant research continuously to stay up on best practices. Find some of the best information here.

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Have a question? We’ve answered our frequently asked questions to give you more information. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us.

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