Pain Management You Can Trust

At Rocky Mountain Pain Specialists, our top priority is patient satisfaction. We believe pain management is more than medication.
Utilizing cutting edge injection techniques and effective add-on therapies improves pain outcomes and decreases dependence on medications.

Relieve your chronic pain with pain management.

Expert Decision Making

Every patient presentation is different. You don’t want a one size fits all approach to pain management. At Rocky Mountain Pain Specialists, you can count on a plan that best suits your pain situation.

Enjoy life to the fullest with pain management.

Patient Focused

Patient satisfaction is our number one goal. You will partner with our trained staff to achieve your pain management goals. We strive to improve pain and wellbeing through cutting edge treatments.

Enjoy your favorite activities with pain management.

First Class Experience

As leaders in their field, our staff and physicians have the training and experience you need to get out of pain. Having received multiple board certifications, our physicians have the qualifications you want.

What to Expect at Rocky Mountain Pain Specialists

Communication and proper expectations are key to any relationship. The doctor/patient relationship in pain management is no different. We want to be transparent about our expectations for our patients and in turn we strive to be clear in our recommendations and decision making.

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    Medication Management

    Proper management of medication is key to keeping pain under control. Being both over or under medicated can be problematic. Our goal is the least amount of medication for the greatest pain relief.

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    Interventional Procedures

    An interventional procedure is typically an injection or other technique to numb or stop the pain signal within the different areas of the spine. Using these procedures in conjunction with medications improve response to treatment.

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    Adjunctive Therapies

    We provide additional pain management options, including back braces, TENS units, and referrals for physical therapy or chiropractic. Our patients’ pain improves faster with these options.

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