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I was referred to RMPS by my PCP, and I am SO glad that I was!! From my first visit, (not knowing what to expect that they would be able to do about my severe pain issues) I was immediately comforted by them and I knew that they were there to help me. My first visit was with Hillary – she explained in-depth the intricacies and possible solutions to my problems. I was set up with imaging, and later was told that I should get cervical injections due to a previously unknown issue that showed up on the images. That process was great, and Dr. Gabriel explained the entire process, and made me feel at-ease, which was wonderful! I have since had several more (and different types) of back procedures, and I have been pleased with the process of each one. The procedure room is an “ACTUAL” procedure room – equipment, monitors, the whole set-up. Dr. Gabriel is incredibly knowledgeable, and has answered every question and “what-if” that I have asked him, and went above and beyond my questions to explain things so that I fully understood. He has explained options for me, so we have things to explore if my issues persist, and I have been *VERY* impressed with him. The front desk staff is very nice; not only to myself, but to the others that come in while I’m there. The nurses are exceptional, and are there to help and also explain things to you. If they don’t have an answer, they will ask the doctors for you & find out! I’ve never waited more than 5 or 10 minutes past my appointment time to see the doctors, which is very convenient. I have been going to this practice for a few months, and have NO complaints whatsoever. They are there to help find answers, and treat you for what is bothering you, so don’t expect to walk in the first time and “write your own prescription.” They will get to the bottom of it, so be patient – they’ll help you and make you feel comfortable during the process. Go see for yourself!Erin
I have had excellent care here by everyone. My body is finally getting relief from pain that I have had since 2006. They listen to me and truly care about me. I agree with Erin, go see for yourself. They treat people with dignity and respect. This practice is made of awesome professional people! They put hope back into my life. To me, that is priceless!Stephanie
The staff at RMPS purses excellence. They were extremely thorough in explaining the epidemic of abuse regarding narcotics and answered all of my questions regarding their compliance measures. Since I have known people in the past that suffered with pain and also some who were addicted, I feel comfortable with my treatment plan between the doctor and myself to use more methods than just monthly prescriptions. I wasn’t able to discuss my diabetes or cholesterol which initially annoyed me but when they informed me that they were here to manage my pain and I should continue seeing my PCP, I was able to understand where they were coming from and they were not a one stop shop. The part that I really like was their plan to manage my pain to a point where I am on minimal medications and with the possibility to partner with my PCP, I can then see my primary once a month and see them for an evaluation once every 6 months.C. Walker